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The word “essay” is not so tightly entered into our lives, but those who have had to deal with entrance examinations for creative specialties or test tests in educational institutions are well aware of this concept. An essay example is a small prose text in volume, where the author in a free style talks about the problem or question of interest to him. Notable features of this type of writing are the freedom of composition and the absence of strict limitations on the style and manner of presentation of thoughts. That is why writing an essay is an effective way to test the abilities, knowledge and character of a student or entrant.

How to improve the quality of writing essay example?

There is one good technique that is very useful for beginners and helps in the end to write a truly worthwhile work – when writing a text, ask yourself questions about each idea that will appear in your head. Firstly, it will help to avoid self-deception, and secondly, your essay will be more sincere and will ensure close contact with the reader. Here essay example questions that will help you.

1) When describing your personal abilities and character traits, ask yourself:

  • Is there something special about me that is not in others, am I really different from the majority?
  • Under what circumstances do my personal qualities best manifest themselves?

2) Describing in the essay examples of life situations:

  • Why is this situation imprinted in my memory?
  • How would I respond to this or what would I do if I were in the middle of the action?
  • Did this case affect my character, the development of me as a person?
  • Was it a completely new experience in my life?

3) Talking about his vocation or work:

  • Why did I choose this life path?
  • Does my vocation carry some higher purpose or does it reflect my lifestyle and worldview?
  • 4) Arguing about a particular person:
  • Why did I remember him, what is special about this person?
  • Do I admire or blame them if he gives any example to people?
  • Did I remember him forever?
  • Has this person reinforced my ideas about the world or forced me to reconsider my views?

5) Remembering failures and severe trials:

  • What lesson did I learn from this?
  • Should every person have to go through it in order to become stronger?

When you ask yourself, you penetrate deep into your soul, and from there your true thoughts and intentions are pulled out, which you will certainly need to capture on a piece of paper. This approach, in which you demonstrate your real personal qualities and knowledge, will help to write an essay that is successful and relevant in content.